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Friday, April 25, 2014

Holy Week, Easter, Gospel of Peace, Homeless Jesus, Moral children and other recent items of note

Here are some more resources and notable items that I have found in the past couple of weeks (in no particular order):
On the Episcopal/Anglican front:
ENS stories and links on the Reclaiming the Gospel of Peace Conference in Oklahoma:

Charles Wesley won the golden halo! If you haven't caught on to Lent Madness, it is a great way to learn about notable figures in Church history.
Easter Messages from Canterbury and our Presiding Bishop:

A neat story from Alaska on a housing ministry:

Story of reconciliation in the Diocese of Virginia:
Two Ministers Forge Friendship Across a Church Divide -
News story about a statue of Homeless Jesus in NC
Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community : NPR
Other Ministry related items:

An Interview on changes in Seminary Education:

More Generational items:
Millennials Trust User-Generated Content 50% More Than Other Media  

A safety resource for those who have to work in/visit dangerous neighborhoods:

A thought provoking blog on things pastors don't like to admit:

More items on Church in the 21st Century:
A good death: A pastor reflects on her church's closing | Faith & Leadership
Some items relevant to Holy Week and Easter:
From Death to Life | Web Exclusives | Daily Writings From Our Top Writers | First Things
Full text of Pope Francis' homily at the Easter Vigil | Salt + Light Blog
The Private Intellectual - a reflection on Jesus losing everything
Why Christians Should Have a Passover Seder: A Rabbi Responds | Religion Dispatches
The problem with Palm Sunday - Doug's Blog
No “Christian Seders,” Please! | Sicut Locutus Est
Feminist Pastor: Broken Bread and Broken Bodies: A Reflection for Maundy Thursday
Dare to believe that Jesus was God
Happy Holy Week: Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday - Essay posted 7 April 2014 - The Journey with Jesus
Additional items relevant to parenting and ministry with children
My Students Don't Know How to Have a Conversation - Atlantic Mobile
My Kid Is Not My Calling | Her.meneutics |
Parental Involvement Is Overrated -
6 Words You Should Say Today
Raising a Moral Child -  
The Key To Your Child’s Heart (7 Ways It Works) | Janet Lansbury
Thought provoking items on life and ministry, perhaps helpful for sermon prep?:
David Foster Wallace On The Key To Living A Compassionate Life
Into the Expectation: God is the interesting thing about religion
David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? | Talk Video |
Wilderness venture | The Christian Century

An intriguing idea?
Religious atheists? Maria Greene on Unitarian Universalist Humanists | Faitheist
A article from a doctor on what can make a good death: 
A ‘Code Death’ for Dying Patients -

Another Continuing Education opportunity:
2014 FTE Christian Leadership Forum | FTE Leaders

Thursday, April 10, 2014

On assorted itesm from around the Anglican Communion, Easter, World Vision, Elevator Speeches and other interesting links

Hi All!

So here is the first go at the new format . . .
Below are noteworthy links that I have found in the past couple of weeks.
I will be transitioning to posting each week or two on things I have found. While they will no longer  be added to the old categories/posts, I will use the labels feature and this whole blog is searchable, 
so if you are looking for info on, say, Youth Ministry or the Episcopal Church
you can just click on or search for those labels and you will find all the relevant links in both the 
new and old posts. 
I hope this format works for you! I would appreciate your feedback. 
As usual, the notable links are in no particular order . . .

A handy reference for future job interviews:
Tips for a Successful Video Interview 

Berkeley Divinity School has a new dean from Australia!
Andrew McGowan appointed as Dean of Berkeley Divinity School at Yale | Notes from the Quad 

New way forward for General Seminary:
‘The Way of Wisdom’ at GTS | The Living Church 
Some Easter Items:
Presiding Bishop's Easter Message 2014 

Storypath: Easter Resources 

How to Reinvent Your Easter Egg Hunt *for good* | buildingfaith
Prayer for the aftermath of Fort Hood:
In the wake of the shooting at Fort Hood, you may find the following prayer,
from the Bishop Suffragan for Federal Ministries helpful:

"O God of mercy, you sustain us with your grace as we live in a world which seems to abound in violence, often violence we have visited upon one another. Sadly predictable and all too commonplace, this violence is expressed in many settings: at a sprawling Army post, on an urban street, aboard a Navy ship, in rural communities, and even in our schools and families. This day our hearts are particularly heavy as we mourn the recent and violent loss of life in our country. We pray, even plead, with you to deliver us from the ongoing harm and damage that we do to one another. Guide our hearts and minds in the paths of peace so that the greatest instrument we use with our brothers and sisters is the love of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray."

News from our neighboring diocese to the north: 
Alan M. Gates elected as bishop of Massachusetts 

Controversial remarks by the Archbishop of Canterbury and some responses:  
Abp Welby: Anglican Communion sexuality decisions can mean African Christians suffer 

Welby explains gays and violence in Africa remarks
 Heard Around the World: An Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury | Black and White and in Living Color 

A response from Bishop Marc Andrus 

On The Table: Archbishop Welby, Dietrich Bonhoeffer & 21st Century Spirituality 

Some assorted items on Church in the 21st Century:
 Ministry Matters™ | Blog | Dear Churchgoers... 

FAITH MARKS :: A Journey

JUST THE; . . . MINISTERS | Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove 

How to Avoid These 4 Church Consumerism Traps by Thom Schultz - - Christian Leadership Blogs, Articles, Videos, How Tos, and Free Resources 

Five comforts of monocultural church | The Christian Century

American religious styles: Old time, new age | The Economist

Ministry Matters™ | Blog | Dear Churchgoers...

A niche of welcome | The Christian Century  

'Slow Church' Movement Fights ‘McDonaldization' Of Worship, Says No 'Fast Food' Way To Salvation 

A Short History of Church Coffee - YouTube  

More Generational Stuff: 
Millennials just don't get it! How the Muppets created Generation X - 

A notable scientific discovery:
Allan Adams: The discovery that could rewrite physics | Talk Video | 
Praise for the Book of Common Prayer in Christianity Today:
 The Book of Common Prayer Is Still a Big Deal | Christianity Today 

You may have seen the trend in posting "elevator speeches" on why one is Episcopalian, here is an articulate post from Robert Hendrickson:
 Why I Love the Episcopal Church: Something for a Long Elevator Ride | The Sub-Dean's Stall

Useful tips on how to read Scripture (perhaps helpful for sharing in Bible Studies?):
 How to read the Bible | The Spirit's Witness 
Thought Provoking piece on Suffering by David Brooks:  

More voices on the challenge of busy-ness, balance, sabbath:
I Refuse to Be Busy - 

Unapologetic Theology: Work Addiction

 Advice for a Happy Life by Charles Murray -

Ignatian examen: a practice of daily reflection | The Art of Simple  

A TED Talk on Depression  
Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share | Talk Video | 

 Some thoughts on World Vision controversy:
Christianity the last to get it right | Opinion | The Seattle Times 

 It's Time to Stop Calling Fundamentalists 'Christians';David Michael McFarlane 

 Kids at Church and Mothering Sunday
 The conundrum of kids at church | Messy Jesus Business 

  A Sonnet for Mothering Sunday | Malcolm Guite 

Access to research on Gender through Wiley in honor of International Women's Day:
 NEW FOR 2014! - Wiley International Women's Day Research
A couple of Continuing Education Opportunities: 
Summer 2014 | Hartford Seminary

National Worship Conference | July 20-23, 2014 – Edmonton, AB

 Applications Open for Episcopal Church Scholarships 
Scholarship applications now accepted for Episcopal Church grants